Congratulation on BTS’s new records!!!

Their comeback on February 13th has made them the most popular group in the first months of 2017. Besides their immense popularity, multiple records have been set, this includes:  multiple of weekly  trophies in Music Bank, Show Champion, The Show, Inkigayo, etc. Besides material prizes, their fanbase ARMY is gaining more and more members proving their impact on the industry. Overall, I think that our boys ( Nochu, TaeTae, Min Yoonji, Monie, Chim Chim, Hobi, eomma Jin) are doing great, but remember to take a rest toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo : 333333333

Their Wings tour will start on  February 18th in Gocheok Sky Dome. As a hardcore ARMY, I will pray of the bests for the boys’ show, even though I’m not there ( *cries hard ) Please give a lot of support to  our boys cause they deserve it : they have worked extra hard on their comebacks, upcoming concerts, and fan meetings. Therefore please give them a lot of love , cause they need those to go through the super busy schedules.  Even though, the affection that ARMYs has lately shown to them makes they became so impressed, we need to keep on showing more and more  to prove to the boys that ARMY and BTS ‘s relationship is not merely fans-idols connection but also as one big family which will help each other in achieving the very dreams of everyone.

P/s: Their 4 th ARMY  room is going to open soon, please be aware of the registered days to get access to the boys’ exclusive secrets. Remember to sign in to the daum fan cafe first, cause according to what I have known, that is compulsory.

With love, randomxg



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