Rose appearance on King of Masked Singer <33333 ( both eps )

Rose (  the one in the green dress )  from Black Pink had made her first appearance on King of Masked Singer in everyone’s amazement: part of her voice, her waist, and her overload of cuteness). Even though, she was masked, every of the judges recognize her because of the very ” Black Pink” dress, and unique voice. She was then chosen to go to the second round, and with her voice, I think that the chances of her to win the contest is more than likely. Please support her as much as you could, cuz Blinks you know that our girl deserves it right!

After a successful first episode, Rose came back to take part in the second round . Sadly, she didn’t make it to the third round. Although trying her best the gap between 29 -70 is too big to ensure her stay on the program, thus, making the way for Kim Ping Pong to go onto the next round. After a while she was asked about her mom. She answered that her mom is in Australia in tears. She couldn’t hold it back ! ( poor little girl ) It was also in this episode that she confessed about her real waist size. It is actually 6o cm not 48 cm, guys ! However, hers is already way smaller than mine (* cries) Despite her short participation, she sure has brought a lot of meaningful moments to the show ! Fighting, Rose ! BLINKs love you <3333333

P/S: These two paragraphs are written at different times. Therefore, please make allowances for the weird flow of this blog post. Sorry, I will do better on the upcoming ones.

With love, radomxg



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