Jimin receives death threats, and Jungkook is in danger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, ARMYs all around the world are extremely worried about Jimin and Jungkook as they receive some serious threats from anti- fans ( mainly crazy EXO-Ls).Jimin, particularly, has received death threats from a Twitter account named: AntiBTS. He/she stated that he/she will kill Jimin using guns on April 1st. Surprisingly, that day is also the day that BTS has a concert in Honda center. Thus, this account is being reported multiple of times, but it still pops up somewhere out of the blue and keeps on saying that he/she will do it for real. Joke or no joke, ARMYs are getting scared of Jimin’s safety. They have trended many different tags including: ARMY will protect Park Jimin, selja is not a real EXO-L,etc. in order to avoid Jimin from reading those death tweets, and also trying to let Big Hit entertainment and local authorities  be informed about the problem.


Not only Jimin, but Jungkook  is also in danger. Recently, a twitter account named selja  is planning to spread a false rumor about Jungkook.  She is the worst EXO-L ever to bring other group down, and ruin their reputation with fabricated stories ( in this case the victim is BTS).  She is on her way to spread the rumor about Jungkook abusing a Brazilian girl. Unfortunately, she has a Brazilian EXO-L as her friend , and that Brazilian girl is more than willing to help. Therefore, in the next few weeks, ARMYs, please don’t be scared if Jungkook is involved in a scandal or two, because we all know who is behind  those stuffs.


With love, randomxg



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