Black Pink is going to make a comeback soon !

According to Jennie, Black Pink will make a comeback as soon as possible. She said that prior to the debut, the group has already made many songs, thus, the only thing to worry about is when to publicize those songs. It’s all about the season and moments that decide the fate of those pre – recorded songs. Not just only the time,  Jennie also stated that their comeback is also depend on their improving pace. Because they don’t want to show their bad sides to the audience, they practice trillions of times in order to have a perfect stage or performance.

As a BLINK myself, I do want this kind of un-active period from the girls, because it allows them to have time for themselves and rest before dealing with a busy schedule ahead. As you have all known, Jisoo is currently the permanent MC for Music Bank, and the group has also been more active on V- live. Is this some good news for you ? For me, probably yes, because we can get a glimpse of they normal lives and so on. Just wait for a little bit more time, and then we can stuff ourselves with music videos, dance practices, weekly performances, and the beauty the four beloved girls.

But be on more variety shows , pleaseeee. Lisa’s personality is perfect for those, and it goes the same for the rest of the members. BLINKs do want some more of that, Mr. Yang Hyun Suk.

Last words, Rose in black hair is beyond perfect, you can get peek of it on the news

With love, randomxg



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