Goodbye TOP ( a late goodbye letter )

I am a VIP ( a muti – fandom to be honest ) but Big Bang still have a big corner of my small heart. I knew you guys on April 30th of 2015. It has been almost 2 years isn’t it? My bias is Ji Yong, but you – Bingu Top – was too weird  and lovable to be true. I remembered when I first followed your Instagram, it was May, 2015 ( I believed ) , I am shocked by the amount of pictures you posted on the first 2 days . My phone kept on ringing because of the notifications, and I felt I am being disturbed. But now, you have gone to the army , I’m sitting here begging for that day to come again, for the MADE days that had brought me so much fun. Please can time just rewind to the days of pure happiness . I have to admit I was obsessed for you guys back then. I even remembered searching the member s’ phone numbers and mail addresses – that I know for sure were fake. Now , I stanned another group, but you guys the ones who brought me to this K-pop world, that I swore I would never in my life spent my time on.

Seunghuynie, please be happy and healthy in the army, my VIP soul will still early wait for you each day: to see another Instagram spam. Please eat lot and rest a lot to compensate for your working days when being idol. Even if you gain weight, you are still super handsome in VIP’s eyes.

Go fast, and come back fast, TOP

With love, randomxg



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