Joker = Dog leash ?!

Many of the boys don’t like it when  their girls wear chokers? But why ? They say cause it looks like dog leash. Why ? Chokers are like any others necklaces but prettier, easier to style, and looks more modern. Is that any problems ?If you don’t like it then find someone that doesn’t wear it ! It is now the century of self- decisions for both genders, and now genders mean nothing more than just genders. And now, no genders are more powerful than any genders, cause we are all created fairly. Women got the rights to choose their styles of dressing and men too. Therefore, please make allowances for their freedom, men ! If you have the right to cut your hair the way you want, we have the right to wear whatever we like on our neck .  A fair trade between both genders, agree? If not, I can be 100% sure that you will never ever get a girlfriend cause of your personality and old mindset. This the twenty first century, wake up ! And for me,I sincerely support anyone women who do what they like, and don’t care about boys. Cause till the end of the day, boys are just boys, and they cannot help you in anything ( except for a very rare some).


However, I don’t want to see ay argument between two genders after this blog is posted. Because, there are still boys that are good and that are bad. the important here is that choose a guy that don’t judge you for your choker.

With love , randomxg




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