My thoughts on DOTS ( 1 year anniversary ) yay!

Descendants of the Sun, the drama that had made me  know what it is like to fangirl over a film , what it is like to desperately wait for a new week to come in order to watch them  new episodes, what it is like to imagine to have a perfect boyfriend like Yoo Shi  Jin in the drama. For, some the success of the drama might be overestimated but for me it deserves  all the positive comments since it is more than perfect. The plot is so good that no excessive detail is foun and that proberly contributes to a 10 out of 10 movie. I remembered when the last episode is out, I literally watched it for 7 times over because I cannot believe that the movie was  over, plus the last episode was a sweet end for a successful drama. Many will say that Joong Ki and Hye Kyo’s acting skill are normal and not that special but for me it is already good enough. Enough to makes the movie shine and makes the other characters shine. Not to mention the scenery in the drama It is so beautiful that make me want to pick my bag up and go to Greece, the drama at least has succeeded in this area. And for all of you people who still don’t like this drama , don’t watch it, cause you have the choice to. Don’t bother watching if you are going to criticize it with bad words and harsh lines. You can just simply watch a movie or drama that you like in order to save your time.


With love, randomxg



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