Nike new shoes gone sold out in multiple countries because of GD!

GD ( Kwon Ji Yong) of Big Bang has participated in a new campaign: “Kiss my airs” of Nike as a representation of the brand. You guys may have known that GD is a true fashionista , and can make clothes that he wore on went out of stock in minutes, or even seconds. But, his impact on the shoes industry is still being put into question.I guess the question has found its answer when the Nike new shoes that GD represents for went sold out in minutes in Korea, and many more countries. This has proved GD’s immense popularity and his huge impact on the fashion world. Furthermore, his Vidal Sassoon’s brand is also putting a new video on the line of GD’s new period of working with the brand. It is undeniable that his impact nationally and internationally is huge but that also means that overworking is not a rare case. GD, please be healthy, and don’t lose weight cause VIPs love you best when you are being yourself and not caring about the haters. You are too beautiful to be true, keep your weight, and if could eat more. Eat until you felt the need to stop, do things that you like and live a life for yourself  and not for the public. Be happy, GD, cause then VIP can be happy too

P/S; I’m including the later part because I have just found out that GD has just posted a very emotional caption of a movie on Instagram , I’m afraid that something bad has happened to him, and writing to cheer him up ( I he knows the I wrote this , * wishing hardly * )

With love,randomxg




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