Snogging makeup trend , should or shouldn’t ?

 The fashion world  has developed many weird trends, indeed. And this time, another one: the snogging makeup trend. This style of makeup can clearly be seen as putting your lipstick on messily. So should or shouldn’t? If I got the chance to try it, I would, cause why not, right ? I allow myself to try many things in order to find what fits me best and develops a personal brand. But if you ask me to try it to put it on daily as an alternative for my normal makeup style, I would say no. Even though,  fashion lays out no limits on how people should dress and how they decide on their appearances, society does. If you are trying to act so different from the others, you will standout negatively or positively. A negative standout means that they will see you as crazy, weird, or don’t have a mirror available at home. A positive standout means that you will get both of the attention and affection. Call me an old- thinker, I don’t care cause this supposed to be subjective, right guys? However, for the ones who actually like this trend, just do it. Some of you might have thought that I have created  a conflict in my passage but I’m not. I encouraged the different but in a different way, a way that accept it when it is still “acceptable. I know the my opinion is weird, but this is a blog, thus, I have to sincerely tell you my thoughts, right? Overall, my answer is ambiguous- which means both.

With love, randomxg




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