They kiss !

Park Bo Young and Park Hyun Shik has had their first kiss on a jtbc’s drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ” It has been a very long wait for the first kiss, right folks? But I think that we don’t have to wait any longer as multiple dates have been set up on the line. I don’t know about you guys, but for me happy episodes like this are a sign that a big problem is waiting ahead.  So stay prepared to shed some tears on the upcoming episodes.


A few words from me  ” randomxg” : Sorry, since I have just started a blog, thus, my blog posts in  K-drama is very limited and I know that. This is because I have had so many things coming up lately at schools that have limited my times for drama, hence I cannot write as many as I supposed to write. I promise that when summer comes, I will spend more times to it and give you as a detail description as other bloggers . Some of you guys asked me why are there more posts in the K-pop category. The answer is that, nowadays, besides schoolworks, the only thing that I spend my times on is K -pop ( mainly BTS ) and that’s why there is a significantly more posts compared to this category. Once again, I’m sincerely sorry for the quality of the content in this category. I hope that you guys accept my apology and wait just a little bit more before I make a comeback in this category

With love, randomxg


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