Best trip ever: Australia <3333

Last summer, I got the chances to go to Australia for 2 weeks, and it was awesome ! The fresh air and the food are really one of the kind. Whilst it was super cold, I managed to get through it and enjoyed the real fun that the country offered. The first week was spent with a Vietnamese tour guide, and I had to say the tour was not as boring as I thought it would be. It was a so cold a season that only 5 people signed to be in the tour. That was  what made it fun. The small amount of people allowed the tour to be more flexible in the schedule and time. The food was also accordingly ordered to match  with our appetite. Enough with that, now the true star of the trip will be revealed which is the scenery. Breath-taking, peaceful,…. Just exactly what I needed after a busy school year. The first thing that got my attention was not the Sydney Opera House but instead the so England -like Sydney with narrow roads and a lot of buildings across the town. It was not noisy, but rather an urban peacefulness. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but actually that’s what I felt when I observed Sydney for 5 minutes in The City. I love that, the conflict that Sydney created for itself is just so interesting. I hoped that I could find that kind of peacefulness some where else also, cause Sydney is a very expensive city!!!!! ( *cries )

With love, randomxg



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