Taiwan trip was boring and not worthed :[[[[

In contrast with most of my trips that brought joy and memories, this trip brought me stress and fear ( I’m serious ). However, all of that problems came from just one person, the tour guide. What do you think is a job of a tour guide ? To guide his or her guests right, but nah…. This guy he did the complete opposite.I didn’t know what he thought while he was leading our tour. He gave the rights to be treated as a mere visitor. He even done livestreams when we got to any destinations. The worst thing was that he introduced to the viewer he was on his own trip instead of leaded a tour like he supposed to do. What a tour guide was that, more than a customer in his own definition. It would be alright if this trips were free but we paid so much money for it that his absolutely unprofessional style of working couldn’t be ignored. Speaking of work, I don’t really know if he actually working or just giving himself a rest. I was pissed off actually, but the differences in age blocked me from telling him my criticism. However, I sincerely thought that you got a job, you should at least do it right in order to help you, and others as well. It is my first time seeing a tour guide like that, and I really felt the need of going home. It was a new experience for me, and also a time for me to love my house even more.

With love, randomxg



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