Taiwan trip was boring and not worthed :[[[[

In contrast with most of my trips that brought joy and memories, this trip brought me stress and fear ( I’m serious ). However, all of that problems came from just one person, the tour guide. What do you think is a job of a tour guide ? To guide his or her guests right, but nah…. This guy he did the complete Continue reading


Best trip ever: Australia <3333

Last summer, I got the chances to go to Australia for 2 weeks, and it was awesome ! The fresh air and the food are really one of the kind. Whilst it was super cold, I managed to get through it and enjoyed the real fun that the country offered. The first week was spent with a Vietnamese tour guide, and I had to say Continue reading

They kiss !

Park Bo Young and Park Hyun Shik has had their first kiss on a jtbc’s drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ” It has been a very long wait for the first kiss, right folks? But I think that we don’t have to wait any longer as multiple dates have been set up on the line. I don’t know about you guys, but for me happy episodes like this are a sign Continue reading

Nike new shoes gone sold out in multiple countries because of GD!

GD ( Kwon Ji Yong) of Big Bang has participated in a new campaign: “Kiss my airs” of Nike as a representation of the brand. You guys may have known that GD is a true fashionista , and can make clothes that he wore on went out of stock in minutes, or even seconds. But, his impact on the shoes industry is still being put into question.I guess the question has found its answer when the Nike new shoes that GD  Continue reading