Nike new shoes gone sold out in multiple countries because of GD!

GD ( Kwon Ji Yong) of Big Bang has participated in a new campaign: “Kiss my airs” of Nike as a representation of the brand. You guys may have known that GD is a true fashionista , and can make clothes that he wore on went out of stock in minutes, or even seconds. But, his impact on the shoes industry is still being put into question.I guess the question has found its answer when the Nike new shoes that GD  Continue reading


Goodbye TOP ( a late goodbye letter )

I am a VIP ( a muti – fandom to be honest ) but Big Bang still have a big corner of my small heart. I knew you guys on April 30th of 2015. It has been almost 2 years isn’t it? My bias is Ji Yong, but you – Bingu Top – was too weird  and lovable to be true. I remembered when I first followed your Instagram, it was May, 2015 ( I believed ) , I Continue reading